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How does Unipass Identity work?

With your Unipass Identity you can download and store a Unipass Certificate on your internet browser, and you'll also have a Unipass Username & passphrase that you can use on mobile devices to help you conduct your business on the move.

Quickly & easily create your Unipass Identity

We will check your application and send for approval, as required. As soon as we have approval, we will let you know that you can start using your Unipass Identity.

Get your Unipass Identity today

Apply online in just three simple steps:


Provide (or confirm) the details of the organisation that you work for.


Provide your individual details.


Confirm the details that you have entered and submit your application.

Benefits of Unipass Identity

  • Free to Advisers
  • Saves time
  • Enables one time log in to multiple sites
  • Desktop, mobile and tablet friendly
  • Compatible with all mainstream browsers

Get your Unipass Identity today