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Send secure documents at scale

Unipass Mailock is the only secure email solution designed specifically for the needs of scaled financial service firms who need to provide a secure email solution that can be deployed across large numbers of staff, customer contact centres or advisers.

With Unipass Identity integration at the heart of this secure email product, businesses can deploy Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway into their corporate infrastructure confident that their emails are secure using the best-in-class technology that Unipass Mailock delivers.

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Why Unipass Mailock Gateway?

Corporate email security designed for platforms, providers and their clients

The Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway has been specifically designed for providers, platforms and large adviser firms to deliver a secure email solution that is integrated into your corporate infrastructure, ensuring that your business has full control of email governance, mitigating your compliance risk.

It is available for both on-premise and cloud deployment and can be implemented in a matter of hours. It is highly configurable and allows complete control of your encrypted email flow. With Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway there is no requirement to manage any desktop or client deployments.

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Reach ESG goals

Strengthen your environmental, social, and governance proposition. Businesses with strong ESG goals achieve higher equity returns and reductions in bottom-line risk.

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Cut operational costs

Over 9.5 million documents are sent in the UK each year, the vast majority by businesses. In the UK financial services industry alone, digitising print and post operations could save £1.3 bn.

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Mitigate risk

With policy-based encryption, you will have the ability to secure your corporate email communications depending on content, for example by setting trigger words.

Simple deployment, powerful protection

Need a corporate secure email solution? The Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway is your answer.

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Automatically secure your emails to Unipass Identity holders. Verify customers using 2-factor authentication before they can open sensitive communications. Our unique system which uses military-grade AES-256 encryption means that only your intended recipient can access your message. This ensures that no one but them can read your email (including us).

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Unipass Mailock works alongside your corporate information security infrastructure including data loss prevention, anti-malware and signature packages. Integrates seamlessly with your existing mail flow.

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Unipass Mailock ensures personally sensitive email content is protected and delivered according to FCA guidance. For additional policy compliance, you can also create custom encryption alerts to meet your business' communications standards.



With the installation of a Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway, any inbound secure emails will be automatically decrypted and routed to your normal inbound email processes, respecting your automated workflows and your data flow.

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Your company/IT administrator will have access to an administration website providing company-wide configuration capabilities. Ongoing support will be provided by the Unipass Helpdesk.

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Upgrade capability for automation/bulk email sending - Unipass Mailock Automated Edition allows messages to be batched and annotated for revocation and management information purposes.

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Comply with data protection legislation including GDPR, MIFID II, and ISO-27001.
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Add your logo. Send secure, branded emails from your company email address.

Unipass Mailock Gateway

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