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Where do I find the log files?

The Outlook add-in keeps an activity log which can be useful to Support when resolving issues.

If you're asked for a copy use the following steps to find them:

  1. Select the Unipass Mailock menu option in Outlook:

    Unipass Mailock tab in Outlook

  2. Click on the 'About Unipass Mailock' button in the ribbon:

    About Unipass Mailock option

  3. From the 'Unipass Mailock - About' window, click on the 'Open log folder' button:

    Open log folder

  4. This opens a File Explorer window containing the logs (one per day). Find the one(s) requested and add them to the support ticket.

    Log files

The log files don't contain any secure messages but if you have any concerns the file can be viewed by double clicking on it.