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When sending sensitive content by email the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) guidelines state that only the intended recipient should be able to open the email and access its content.

Unipass Mailock is the only secure email solution designed specifically for the needs of scaled Financial Service firms who need to provide a secure email solution that can be deployed across large numbers of staff, customer contact centres or advisers.

With Unipass Identity integration at the heart of this secure email product, businesses can deploy Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway into their corporate infrastructure confident that their emails are secure using the best in class technology that Unipass Mailock delivers.

Risk Mitigation

Using Unipass Mailock ensures that personally sensitive email content is protected and delivered securely.

With the policy-based encryption, businesses have the ability to secure their corporate email communications dependent on content.


Respects your corporate information security infrastructure including data loss prevention, anti-malware and signature packages.

Simple & Secure Encryption

Automatically secure your emails to Unipass Identity holders based on their proven identity. It also provides a secure solution for consumer communications and importantly enables the customer to read and reply for free.

Receiving Unipass Mailock messages

Receiving Unipass Mailock messages is also easy.

With the installation of a Unipass Mailock Enterprise Gateway, any inbound secure emails will be automatically decrypted and routed to your normal inbound email processes respecting your automated workflows and your corporate policies.

You can easily enable your organisation to receive secure Unipass Mailock messages without installing a Gateway. To find out how to enable your organisation to support advisers and consumers securely click here.