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My Unipass Mailock Outlook Add-in keeps disabling itself

Why does this happen?

Microsoft has some security measures in place to prevent slow add-ins from running inside Outlook. However, in many cases, add-ins without fault are being mistakenly marked as slow and disabled by Outlook.

 What can I do about it?

Please run through the following steps to fix this issue:

  1. Be an Administrator

    Make sure you run Outlook as an Administrator when you enable the add-in. To run the application as an administrator either:

    1. Right-click the application and select “Run as Administrator”

    2. Contact your IT administrator(s) to request to be given administrator privileges within the Outlook Application.

  2. Force Outlook to always enable the add-in

    By default, the Unipass Mailock Add-In installs with parameters that force Outlook to ‘Always enable this add-in’.

    You can check this setting and, if required, re-enable it by following these steps:

    1. On the File tab, click “Manage COM Add-ins”.

    2. Locate the Beyond Encryption entry and click Always enable this add-in.

  3. Changing the Load Behavior

  4. If the Add-In setting above is correct and the Unipass Mailock Add-In is still not loading when Outlook is opened, then it may be due to the registry setting that controls how the Unipass Mailock Add-In is loaded. The following steps detail the process you should follow to correct this registry setting.

    1. On the Outlook “File” tab click “Options” then click “Add-Ins”

    2. Set the “Manage:” dropdown menu to “COM Add-Ins” at the bottom of the page.

    3. Click the “Go…” button.

    You will be able to see the current load behavior of the Unipass Mailock Add-In which should be set to "Load at Startup" like this:

    If load behavior is set to any state other than ‘Load at Startup, follow these steps:

    1. Close all Microsoft Office applications.

    2. Open your Registry Editor. To do this, open your Windows Start menu and type "regedit".

    3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\Beyond Encryption

    4. Take a note of the LoadBehavior data value as shown below:

    If the LoadBehavior key is anything other than "3" then follow these steps:

    1. Change the LoadBehavior to "3." Close the registry editor.

    2. Re-open the registry editor to ensure "3" is still there.

    3. The Unipass Mailock Add-In should now load automatically when starting Outlook and the blue Unipass Mailock ‘Compose New Secure Email’ button should appear in the top left-hand corner of your Outlook ribbon.

    If you would like further information on LoadBehavior and the values that it can be set to, the following MSDN article covers this: