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Approved Listing Guide

Depending upon the configuration of your environments, you may need to create an approved list for the following to use Unipass Mailock successfully.

Email filtering

Secure emails that are composed and sent by users signing in to the website will come from

Unipass Mailock also uses verification emails during the user registration to prove that the registrant has access to the email address being registered and notification emails to provide an audit trail to the sender when messages are opened by the target recipient. These emails will be sent from

To aid the successful delivery of Unipass Mailock messages, please ensure that any email filtering applied allows emails from both of these addresses.

Web filtering

Please ensure that any web filtering allows access to the following URLs, which are required for normal operation of the Unipass Mailock system. Our enterprise website where all details about the system can be found. Our main web portal where users may register, read and compose secure emails directly from within a browser. Our core API used by the Outlook Add-In and web portal. Our Company Administration portal used by administrators to invite users and configure the Unipass Mailock system. Our authentication website.