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Advisers with Unipass

Only the intended recipient can open the email, meeting current ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) guidelines. Whether you are a specialist boutique adviser or a large firm of advisers, Unipass can be easily deployed on your computer or accessed through our secure web service.

With the ever-growing regulation and risk around email security, protecting your clients' data is of paramount importance. With security at its heart, Unipass Mailock makes encrypting your emails seamless and secure.

Communicating with clients couldn't be easier.

  1. Simply compose your message on your computer
  2. Create a personal identity challenge that only your client will know the answer to or send a secure code automatically to their mobile
  3. Then, just click send

Communicating with providers and platforms

With a growing number of Financial Services providers and platforms adopting the Unipass Mailock service you can communicate with companies easily and automatically using your Unipass Identity.

  1. You will be required to present your Unipass Certificate or other Unipass credentials
  2. Complete our Subscription process to create your Unipass Mailock account for up to 25 users. If you require more than 25 users just call us.
  3. Once this is complete you can sign in to your new Unipass Mailock account, invite your colleagues and begin your free trial.

30 Day Free Trial

Requires a Unipass Identity


Don't have a Unipass Identity?

Unipass Identity - It's your easy access to Unipass Mailock

Free to end-users, Unipass Identity is a simple solution that creates your online identity enabling you to log on to multiple websites within the Financial Services industry, and now includes your Unipass Mailock account.


Have you received a Unipass Mailock email and need some help?