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Add other email addresses to my account

It's common to use more than one email address so we've made it easy to link those to one Unipass Mailock account. This means you can send and receive securely from different email addresses all whilst being signed in to the one account. This feature should only be used to link your own email addresses only - other people's email addresses require a separate account.

If you have a Unipass Mailock subscription and want to add other users to your company you need to send them an invite from the Company Administration portal.

To link them you need to first have signed up for an account using your main email address (if you haven't yet, follow our steps here).

Once you have an account, linking other email addresses can be done in a few ways:

Using our website
  1. Log into our secure website

  2. Click on Add button

    Add button

  3. Enter the email address you would like to be linked to the account and a message will be sent to it, verifying you have access to the inbox:

    Verification email

    Once you've received it, click on 'Add this email address' to finish things off:

  4. Now that you have added this email address, it will show in the 'Emails' section of settings:

    Email addresses linked to an account