Advisers: Protect your business, protect your clients

As part of a regulated sector, Financial Services businesses understand that they have a duty of care that extends beyond legal and compliance requirements to secure their clients' information.

Client confidentiality is critical and Unipass Mailock is focused on your business and clients’ needs, combining Unipass with the industry leading secure email solution, Mailock.

It is simple to use and easy to integrate into your existing systems and processes enabling you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your clients. In a click, you can secure your emails, protect your clients and mitigate business risk.

“The tracking and audit capabilities open up the potential for massive savings by replacing paper and postage costs, which under MIFID II are likely to rise significantly unless solutions like this are implemented.

Paul Holland, CEO & Founder - Beyond Encryption

Corporate email security designed for Platforms, Providers and their Clients

The Unipass Mailock Gateway has been specifically designed for Providers and Platforms to deliver an email security solution that reinforces governance and mitigates risk. The virtual machine is compatible with the two market leading virtualisation platforms and seamlessly integrates into your e-mail infrastructure securing your email traffic with no desktop deployment overhead.

“Secure messaging is an imperative for the financial services industry, which handles a large number of emails every day, often containing personal and sensitive information.”

Anthony Rafferty, Origo

Unipass Identity - It's your easy access to Unipass Mailock

Free to end-users, Unipass Identity is a simple solution that creates your online identity enabling you to log on to multiple websites within the financial services industry, and now includes your Unipass Mailock account.


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