Unipass Mailock

Secure email for financial services

Unipass Mailock is the encrypted email service that enables providers, advisers, and their customers to exchange sensitive messages and documents securely.

  • Exchange documents at scale
  • Identify recipients with 2FA
  • Comply with FCA guidance
  • Integrate with Unipass
Unipass Mailock

Secure email

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Whether you are an individual, a small or large firm of advisers, Unipass Mailock can be deployed to your desktop Outlook application or accessed using our secure web service. Unipass Mailock makes protecting client data easy and efficient.
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Providers & Platforms

Unipass Mailock is the only secure email solution designed specifically for the needs of scaled financial service organisations. Facilitate the safe exchange of sensitive emails and attachments across staff, customer contact centres, and advisers.

What is Unipass Mailock?

Secure email to protect your business and your customers

Unipass Mailock is a secure email solution that encrypts messages and attachments on delivery and reply. It is simple to use and integrate with existing systems, with solutions for small intermediaries to large corporate organisations. In a click, you can exchange files quickly and securely with clients and customers, minimising the need for paper and protecting against interception and fraud.

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A commitment to data security

As a professional in a regulated sector, your duty of care extends beyond legal and compliance to security of information. Unipass Mailock encrypts email contents so information cannot be intercepted, stolen, or manipulated. Meet FCA and ICO regulatory requirements and demonstrate your commitment to data protection.


The safe combination

Unipass Mailock combines Origo’s Unipass Identity service with Beyond Encryption’s industry-leading secure email solution for the financial services, Mailock.

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Verify recipients with 2-factor authentication methods including SMS, Q&A, and Origo’s Unipass ID service - the leading digital certificate used by 8 out of ten financial advisers.



Protect sensitive messages and attachments from email interception and fraud with NSA-grade security. FCA guidance states that all customer data sent off-site should be encrypted.

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Access a trail of who opens emails, and when, for full compliance with regulatory standards. ISO 27001 and GDPR legislation means auditable digital comms is a compliance must.



Engage with your customers and give them the confidence to respond easily and securely. Recipients can read encrypted emails and send secure replies and attachments for free.


Secure messaging is imperative in the financial services...

Thousands of emails are sent every day containing personal and sensitive information. Unipass Mailock is the way forward.

Anthony Rafferty Managing Director, Origo
Anthony Rafferty
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Unipass Mailock

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Explore plans built for customers, advisers, platforms, and providers. Find the right solution to protect the valuable data within your outbound email exchanges.

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